Cupcake Toppers: A Fun Way To Spice Up Any Event

Everyone knows how fun and enjoyable cupcakes can be. But with an added touch of cupcake toppers, you can turn any set of cupcakes into a themed set for a birthday party or other specialized event. Cupcake toppers come in many different themes, such as superheroes or cartoon characters. Whatever the event, you or your children are sure to love the addition of cupcake toppers to their favorite flavored cupcakes.

Cupcake Topper Themes

Depending on the event, different types of toppers may be relevant. If you’re having a birthday for a child, you may want to consider using something like his or her favorite Disney character or movie as the general theme for the cupcake set. If it’s an adult birthday, you can get cupcake toppers of the age they’re turning or jokes to make light of the occasion.

Cookbook Queen Ideas

If you’ve ever frequented the blog, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, chances are you’ve seen a few of her homemade cupcake creations. If you haven’t had a chance to see her blog yet, we definitely recommend checking it out. While her quirky designs are often homemade, you can achieve the same effect with some store bought creations that will take a lot of the time out of having to make custom toppers for your event and can give you more time to focus on making the actual cupcakes themselves.

Popular Sets

It only takes a quick browsing on Amazon to find some of the best and most highly rated cupcake toppers around. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites below to not only give you ideas for your next party, but also aid you in your quest to throw the best birthday party your child has ever seen! (Well, maybe not the best, but we hope it’s fun anyway!)

Star Wars:

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve taken your miniature swords out of mixed drinks at bars before and pretend fought with them. These Star Wars themed cupcake toppers come in the shape of light sabers and are an extremely quirky way to get things going at your next Star Wars themed party. While they may not give you anything resembling the Force, you’ll at least feel pretty cool eating Star Wars themed cupcakes with all of your friends.


One of the cutest cupcake toppers we found which can also double as a cake topper is this particular “Promise” cake topper. It’s definitely great for any sort of romantic get together that you’re having with your significant other or at a wedding to top off the cake. It comes in a very simple design, which is what makes it so fantastic. Unlike other toppers that try to go overboard with designs, this particular cupcake topper is perfect for almost any romantic occasion. You can also get some colored food pens to add different writing to the cupcakes to make the ornament unique every time you use it.

Different Types of Cupcakes

If you’ve watched TV at all in the past few months you’ve probably seen the new set of shows centered around cupcake competitions. While we’re not suggesting you try anything as elaborate as the creations that are found on those shows, there are a few resources you can utilize online to help make your cupcakes more fun and decorative.

CupcakeBlog: Simply named CupcakeBlog, this particular blog is full of simple, yet interesting, cupcake ideas. You won’t have to head to the store for super-specific ingredients every time you want to bake a new set of cupcakes, which makes it one of our favorite places to check out when we’re low on ideas.

CupcakeProject: Another very popular cupcake blog is called CupcakeProject. Daily postings to the blog will help all areas of your
baking and you’re sure to find some fun and interesting ways to spice up your kitchen life.

Hello, Cupcake: Our last suggestion for where to get some cool cupcake ideas is from a very popular book called “Hello, Cupcake.” It features all sorts of cupcakes, from beginner to advanced level baking techniques that can help anyone get started in the world of cupcake baking. It’s a small investment, but well worth it if you’re unsure of all of the different ways you can incorporate different ingredients into your baking.