Sunday Tip – Protein Shakes for Women

The importance of protein in any well balanced diet should not be overlooked. Protein helps muscles regain their strength after a vigorous workout and helps things like your immune system fight off infections before they take hold. The problem that arises when people try to introduce protein shakes into their diet is that not all protein shakes are created equally. What works for men doesn’t always work for women, and vice versa.

I’ve compiled a few top tips for you to use when shopping for protein shakes for women that will help you not only identify which protein shake is best for you, but will also help you snag some deals on otherwise expensive drink and meal supplements.

How Much Protein Do You Need

The first question that you’ll want to answer about your protein needs are how much protein you should take in on a daily basis. Most people are able to get all of the protein they need from whole grain foods and drinks that they consume each day. Various agencies recommend approximately .75 grams of protein for every kilogram of body mass you have. That equates to about 50 grams of protein daily. If you work out regularly, this number could jump up to as much as 100 grams of protein a day. It’s always best to talk to a doctor about how much protein you need based on your exercise routine as taking in too little protein is never a good idea.

What Type of Protein Shake Should You Drink

Depending on your fitness and weight loss goals, different protein shakes maybe appropriate. If you’re the type that’s looking to build
strength, choosing a protein drink that’s higher in protein than carbs. If you’re trying to lose weight as a result of your diet and exercise, going with a protein drink that’s very low in carbohydrates and low in fat is your best bet. High amounts of protein will help rebuild your body’s mechanisms after a vigorous workout and the low carbohydrates in your protein drink will prevent you from putting any weight back on.

Protein Types

When you’re browsing the web for different protein drinks, you may notice that protein shakes come from a variety of different sources. The most popular protein sources are whey and soy, but milk, egg, and casein proteins can also be found in protein drinks. Whey and casein are the best for you if you’re looking for the purest forms of protein that are the easiest to digest.

Whey protein is a protein that’s found in dairy and milk products and is absorbed quickly by the body. This makes it perfect for post-workout drinks as the body can easily absorb the protein without having to wait a few hours for it to make it to the muscles that need rejuvenating. Casein protein on the other hand is slow to absorb into the body and is optimal if you’re thinking of using protein as a meal replacement. Because it’s slow to absorb, it can stay in the body for longer and provide a feeling of fullness for longer.

Although soy protein is among the most popular types on the market, it is also high in estrogen. It’s thought that soy protein can help curb the effects of menopause, but not enough research has been conducted to say conclusively that it does in combat menopausal symptoms.

Which Protein Should You Get

Although all of the above information has probably been informative, you may still be asking yourself which protein you should get to start out with or continue your protein supplements with. With so many different options on the market, we know that it can be pretty daunting to try and find the best one for your lifestyle. If nothing else, we highly advise against purchasing your protein powder from a local grocer. Grocery stores have a very high markup on protein products and with the ability to buy directly from wholesalers online, it should be a no brainer that buying online is the best way to save money.

Optimum Nutrition:

It may come in an intimidating container, but Optimum Nutrition’s protein products are by far the best on the market for newcomers to supplemental protein. This particular protein is made from whey proteins, making it easy to digest and utilize after a hard workout. Many professional athletes and body builders swear by Optimum Nutrition’s products. And with over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s a great place to start with your protein supplements.

Slim Fast Protein Powder:

For those that are more interested in losing weight, Slim Fast protein products are a good starting block to build off of. Their chocolate protein powder is easy to mix in with things like milk and can be taken as meal supplements. And if you’re following the Slim Fast weight loss program, you can integrate these protein shakes as part of your daily meals to help suppress appetite and lose weight.

Tip: If you’re like me, you may not be too fond of the taste of the chocolate or strawberry flavored protein shakes. Very strong flavors such as chocolate and strawberry can be hit or miss between protein shake companies, which is why I recommend ordering vanilla flavored powders instead. Vanilla powders can be mixed with virtually any other fruits and juices so that the flavor of the powder is almost completely gone. With chocolate you’re limited to the things you can mix it with and still have it taste alright.