Top Four Healthy Drinks To Boost Your Day

It’s often hard to get everything you need in terms of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, which is why healthy drinks exist to fill in the void that your potentially lacking diet misses. Getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need each day is important to being able to live a healthy lifestyle without worrying about things like sickness.

Not So Healthy Eh?

Fruits and Vegetable Drinks

While drinks come in many different forms, by far the most popular types are those that include fruits and vegetables. Companies like V8 offer fruit and vegetable smoothie options that blend fruits and vegetables together into a healthy concoction that provides a few servings of your daily recommended vegetable intake in a glass or two.

V8 Vegetable Juice With Low Sodium:

The first great benefit of these particular vegetable drinks is that they’re low in sodium. With 70% lower sodium than regular juice, this version of V8’s juices are perfect for those looking to lower their sodium intake in their diet. Each can has 2 full servings of vegetables, making it easy to ensure you get all of your daily veggie recommendation with a can of juice in addition to your regular meals. Another added benefit of this juice is that it’s high in potassium. Studies show that diets high in potassium may help reduce the risk of things like heart disease and stroke.


Tea has been consumed by cultures for generations for its benefits. Tea is often high in things like antioxidants and can help promote weight loss by burning excess calories away.

Green Tea:

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

One of the best benefits of drinking something like green tea is that it contains zero calories, meaning you can enjoy it without worrying about how much sugar or calories you’re taking into your body. Green tea has been found in studies to reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. While it’s not recommended that you drink multiple cups of tea daily, having a glass of tea in the morning to get your day started is a great way to start drinking healthy and eliminate the nasty sugars and artificial sweeteners that are often added to other breakfast beverages.

Kirkland Green Tea:

The minimal processing done to the tea found in this pack of Kirkland green tea ensures not only freshness of the leaves, but also ensures that the antioxidants in the leaves aren’t lost during the preparation process. The nylon tea bags that the tea is held in is perfect for letting hot water through and getting the most flavor out of every cup.

Drink More Water

One of the healthiest drinks you can have during a day is water. While it’s often difficult to get the recommended 8 glasses of water a day into your diet, drinking more water
instead of things like sodas and artificially made drinks can help you not only sleep better, but can also reduce your risk of things like diabetes. If you struggle to drink enough water every day, it may serve you well to buy a few bottles of water and leave them in your fridge at home so they’re chilled and ready to drink after you make it inside after a hot afternoon.

Another good way to ensure that you start getting more water in your diet is by buying a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment than traditional plastic water bottles and by carrying it around with you all day, you can always have water on hand when you get thirsty. By having water by your side all the
time, you can encourage yourself to drink water instead of something like a soda or sugary drink.

PMCI Stainless Steel Bottle:

There’s nothing too amazing about this particular bottle, but the stainless steel crafting of the bottle allows for easy cleaning and ensures that the bottle is BPA free and isn’t harmful to reuse. The sport cap on the bottle lets you hook it onto your keyring so that you can carry it around with you as you run or walk around.

Other Drinks

If you find that you’re unable to get all of the nutrition you need from some of the drinks listed above and still find that you’re low on energy and getting sick frequently, it may be time to try something else. While there are many “energy boosters” on the market, many of them are sold by companies only looking to make a profit and not keep your health in their best interest. Many energy boosting drinks are packed with caffeine and don’t do anything more than increase your heart rate so that you can make it through the afternoon.

Actual energy boosting drinks are packed with vitamins and can help you power through not only the rest of the day, but also boost your health for days and weeks at a time by building up vitamins in the body over the long term.

FRS Healthy Energy:

Different from other energy drinks by packing plenty of the necessary B vitamins into the drinks as well as minerals found naturally in berries. And while we bashed caffeine earlier for being the only ingredient in some energy drinks, the caffeine found in the FRS energy drink (about 1/3 a cup of coffee’s worth) is used to help the body metabolize the vitamins and minerals faster so that you’re feeling energized and alert without crashing and burning from caffeine like you do from a cup of coffee.